June 8th, 2011

Convergence of the Twain

This is just a simple peom I wrote in English using noun phrases about the Titanic, based on Convergence of the Twain by some random bloke. enjoy! :)

The coincidental tragedy

A fatal underestimate

The metal monster

A colossal revolution

The icy killer

An unexpected traveller

The scurrying bodies

A sense of hasty panic

The failing hearts

An unforgettable loss

The rolling waves

A makeshift aqua grave

The extinguished glory

A horrific sight


The careless Californian

A discarded chance to liberate

The careful Carpathian

A rewarding review


The lost binoculars

An additional complication

The distraught Captain

A disastrous final voyage

The depressing ending

A failed attempt at glory

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